Have you ever noticed that whenever you search anything on Google, there are few paid links present at top of the page these ads are part of a paid advertisement on Google? These websites take advantage of Google advertisement to reach out to people. These paid links enjoy a higher probability of being visited by the users.


Advertisement on Google has been a lucky charm for many brands around the globe as it offers global reach and holds a wide variety of audience whom you can address. The prime objective of any marketing strategy is to advertise your product at the pertinent platforms with maximum viewership. The more the product information reaches out, the more are the chances for its success in the market.

Ads on Google give much liberty regarding Google advertisement. The advertiser is required to either bid for impression based advertisement of he has to pay on the cost per click basis. In both these forms, the advertiser has to pay Google for each impression and click the users. Google works as the platform from where the users may enter the website.


Adwords enable the advertiser to share a little information about their product to the users in order to attract them to click on the link to hunt for more details. It involves per click revenue generation. The web pages are designed in such a way that Google holds the permission to display the advertising copy in the search results. Advertisers have to pay whenever the users detour to their site. A portion of this revenue is provided to the partner websites.


Impression based advertisement is gaining the eye of advertisers these days. In this type of advertisement, you need to pay at a certain rate against per thousand impressions on the site. Since inception in 2000 Adwords have revolutionized the marketing techniques. Google has devised many strategies to avoid mal-usage of this business provision.


Video advertisement gets more attention due to moving pictures. They are to be designed in accordance with International Advertisement Bureau (IAB). It allows you to deliver more information in a limited time span. Words spoken by some Celebrity would be conducive enough to convince the people to go for the said product. Video ads come under the heading of Rich media ads, as the name suggests these ads could be some video or animation or a slideshow of anything.

No matter what kind of product you are offering, you can find its users on Google. One can do all sorts of Apps and marketing advertisement in Dubai, UAE using the platform of Google. While surfing through the internet one may be asked to install a particular app pertaining to the search content. For example, say you visit the website of your bank and find a link showing to download the app of that particular bank for convenient banking. Such kind of app installation marketing is very much favorable for small businesses to large conglomerates.