Today the social media marketing for Dubai of all kinds are house to many online brands. Today the distances have shortened and people can get access to anything they want. By getting online you can purchase products from any corner of the world, the only thing you need is the knowledge that such product exists there. This knowledge about the product depends on the effective marketing of the product and proper business management by the product manufacturer.


When we use Facebook we see few links appearing on the right side of the page. These links are the paid advertisements placed by investors and advertisers. These advertisements tend to hijack the user from Facebook to that desired page. Whenever a user clicks on that link, he goes to that Facebook page or website, and witness everything offered there.

Using Facebook page for advertisement of products is a cheaper solution for the advertisers. In this way, they need not prepare flattery and costly websites. Facebook page is enough to provide any kind of information about the product to the users.


There are different payment plans for advertising on Facebook. The advertisers may have to pay per impression or per click. However, Facebook Cost per click is also different for different websites. There is flexibility in payment schedules and criterion.

Whenever the user takes a detour to the advertised website or Facebook page, the advertiser is paid by Facebook. When the user will visit the page he will certainly desire for some products. Facebook has a versatile user base on which one can place any kind of advertising. Facebook facilitates the advertiser in placing the ad.


Facebook has most diversified and a huge audience to whom the advertiser can share the information regarding his product. Paid advertisement may seem a costly solution to the advertiser but in the long run, the advertisement has turned out to be fruitful for many advertisers.

Many organizations use their Facebook pages and websites with utmost dexterity to gain the maximum share of the market. Organizations like Qatar Airways keep their Facebook pages alive by posting new images of various domains at regular intervals. This helps them to attract more traffic to their page. Hence they can advertise for anything they like on their page, that advertising will be seen by all members.


All the events like Eid, Christmas, Easter etc. are celebrated with full zest around the globe. This is the best time to advertise as the people are ready to spend money. In Dubai, UAE alone millions of dollars are spent by people around the globe on such events. This is one of the techniques adopted by advertisers to attract the public to their Facebook page is by showing contents of these events. When more people visit the Facebook page more are the chances to sell out any product. Therefore Facebook marketing is also a better option.

Facebook provides much information about the users to the advertiser who in turn can devise a perfect advertisement strategy to gain maximum from the consumers.